Research and Development

Krook & Tjäder Labs is our platform for exploration. Our motivation is to develop methods and knowledge at the interface between innovation, architecture and sustainability.

We engage in research and development internally, as co-creators in industry initiatives, and through collaborations with universities and colleges. It is of great value to the industry and society that we together contribute and create a clear connection between innovation and practice. Our ambition is to always be at the forefront of sustainable Design. It is about great knowledge in architecture but also to be constantly curious, monitor the outside world and be an active part of research and development in contemporary architecture. We take this with us into our processes and methods. Always with a focus on the best solution for the customer.

At Krook & Tjäder, we are constantly developing our methods and looking for collaborations that deepen our work.


Krook & Tjäder LABS, a laboratory activity to explore strategic innovation at the interface between creativity, sustainability and architecture. Cross-border collaboration between different disciplines and creative activities to find new ways for a sustainable society.

If you are curious and want to know more about Krook & Tjäder LABS, you are welcome to contact:

IngaKarin Sundqvist, architect

Krook & Tjäder LABS

”We want to meet the challenges together with our partners.
Together we can go further.”

Uppsala klimatprotokoll

Uppsala Climate Protocol

As members of the Uppsala Climate Protocol, we have both contributed to Uppsala being the Swedish Climate City of the Year 2020.

Uppsala Climate Protocol is a network of companies, public enterprises, universities and associations that collaborate and inspire each other and others to achieve Uppsala's climate goals and contribute to a sustainable world. Together we reach lower!

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We are partners in the Centre for Circular Construction, which is a national platform where industry members can meet and collaborate on recycling and circular construction. The platform offers a network of knowledge and digital services such as markets for products and services in the construction and real estate sector.

Viable Cities

Krook & Tjäder are members of Viable Cities, an innovation program focusing on smart sustainable cities.

Sweden Green Building Council

We are members of Sweden's leading organisation for sustainable design. The Swedish green building council administers the largest sustainability certifications for the construction industry in Sweden. We are also members of a local networks SGBC South and are the network leader for SGBC West.

Krook & Tjäder principal of CMB

Krook & Tjäder is the leader of CMB. We want to be part of the conversation, to listen but also to share our experience. Krook & Tjäder has a strong focus on sustainable urban design. Urban planning is an expansive discipline within Krook & Tjäder, which has a strong connection to CMB's urban development committee. We all have the great benefits of collaborating and networking more within the industry. CMB is a good forum for us to meet. Krook & Tjäder is active in CMB's committee "Urban Development Group". Where we have the task of developing and managing processes for the growing city.

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Krook & Tjäder principal in CMB
Research collaboration with Halmstad University

Research collaboration with Halmstad University

Through the research collaboration Participatory Urban Design with Halmstad University, we have developed an Effect Map as methods for dialogue in design processes.

Together, we investigated how user-centred design and participation affect architecture and urban planning. We have borrowed and tested methods from digital service design where there are well-proven tools for people-centred design with the end-user in focus.


”Our ambition is to develop a method and knowledge in the interface
between innovation, architecture and sustainability.”


We are active in LFM-30. Together, we develop a climate-neutral construction and civil engineering sector in Malmö. LFM30 is a local initiative to create a geographical plan to accelerate the construction sector's climate change and implementation of Agenda 2030.

Krook & Tjäder also coordinates a working group focusing on Design & Process together with White Arkitekter in Malmö.




Sustainability tools



Krook & Tjäder has developed methods and tools to promote sustainability in assignments and increase the value of the business. With a focus on initiating the collaboration required to go further.



Reuse Recycle Reclaim


Handbook for the sustainable small town

Krook & Tjäder, in collaboration with several participants, has produced a handbook for the sustainable small town.

The handbook provides detailed tips and advice for urban space and urban life, health and well-being, resource management, greenery and ecosystem services and climate and environmental impact. The measures can suit all municipalities but have a clear focus on the small municipality with limitations in finances and resources.


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