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Döbelnsgatan 9
291 31 Kristianstad
Sverige (0) 44-20 46 00

About us

In our newly renovated premises in central Kristianstad, you'll find us. We're the office that gladly takes responsibility for your entire project process. We consist of 46 dedicated architects, engineers, project managers, and urban planners, with assignments throughout southern Sweden.

Our team in Kristianstad specializes, among other things, in urban development and healthcare projects with complex structures. One of the first assignments of the Kristianstad office was to design CSK, Kristianstad Central Hospital, in the early 1960s. At that time, the office was called Uulas Architects, but in 2018, we chose to merge with Krook & Tjäder to further broaden the offering.

With a combination of specialist knowledge in community properties, arenas, and healthcare projects, as well as breadth and experience in all stages of the project, we are ready to meet all the various needs of the assignments.

We can take your idea and drive it forward, from the initial sketches and contact with authorities during the detailed planning stage, to the finished construction document and the final adjustments on the construction site.

A warm welcome to Krook & Tjäder Kristianstad!

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