We are Krook & Tjäder

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Our vision

Well-designed and sustainable architecture

We’re building a better city – with interpersonal relationships and high ambitions, and with the dedication and responsiveness of a small office. Krook & Tjäder is one of Sweden's largest architecture firms, with strong teams in ten cities in Sweden and Norway. This gives us the geographic reach, creative diversity, and dependable pool of expertise it takes to ensure high quality in both large and small projects.

Krook & Tjäder is a full-service design firm working in the fields of urban planning, landscape design, architecture, interiors, and product design, and a project partner for clients in a variety of industries.

Our knowledge covers every aspect of the construction process. We know urban planning, architecture, landscape architecture, interiors, and product design. That gives us a holistic view, quality in the work we do, and confidence in the delivery. Above all, our working method delivers short lead times. Our expertise encompasses creative design with a clear link to sustainability and durable construction as well as insight into and understanding of real estate economics. We start with the master plan and complete the project by designing the building down to the smallest detail.

Our offer means access to methods, experts and digital services that ensure that the project's important issues are integrated into the entire process and into the design.

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The English site is under construction. Please visit the Swedish website to view further reference projects and find contact details to our local offices.