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About us

Krook & Tjäder started in 1988 in Gothenburg and is today one of Sweden's largest architectural offices with about 300 employees with offices in Gothenburg, Malmö, Stockholm, Halmstad, Borås, Uppsala, Östersund, Kristianstad and Oslo. Together, we have built a strong position in architecture, urban planning, landscape, interior design and product design. Krook & Tjäder is characterised by care, openness and great commitment where everyone works under great personal responsibility. Curiosity, the entrepreneurial spirit with a feeling that-everything-is-possible permeates our business, which creates a fun-filled and dynamic environment. The architects Krook & Tjäder also have a program for co-ownership that is aimed at all employees in the company. It also gives you as a new employee exciting opportunities!


Krook & Tjäder is an active player in the market. If someone gets an idea, we capture it, regardless of whether it is a for-profit business for the customer, a new Krook & Tjäder office, our own proposal for a project or to act and debate in our time. What can we do to increase integration, diversity and internationalisation in the architectural industry? We start with ourselves; we do not sit and wait. Our business is based on strong personal relationships and high architectural ambitions with a great understanding of the customer's business. Most of our employees have customer contact with their own projects. The personal relationship is our strength. The concern for the customer, the employee and society are a common thread in everything we do, it creates pride and gives assignments a higher meaning.

We hire people. That is why we work based on a specially developed, structured development model for each individual, where we allow life's weave of work, everyday life and dreams to take place. Krook & Tjäder are employee-owned and it is open to everyone to become a partner. Read more about our vacancies.


Read more about Krook & Tjäder and what is going on via news, press releases, events or on social media. If you are looking for press images, we have high-resolution images to download. If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact Malin Lind, Communications Manager.

tel: +46(0)733-91 50 21

Certifications & Policy

Krook & Tjäder are certified within SS-ISO 9001: 2015 and 14001: 2015



The company management consists of a small team of different skills and experience to create an effective working group. The CEO leads the management's work, where we continuously bring in our expertise in sustainability, BIM, Communication, Creative strategy, Tenders, Quality systems and more as an addition based on the issues and decisions that are handled.



Krook & Tjäder has an overall board in the Group's parent company Krook & Tjäder holding. It consists of the major owners and external members with different backgrounds and areas of expertise that are important to the Group. For each office, there are also local boards that handle the specific issues for each company.


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