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How we work

Krook & Tjäder Architects is an active player in the market. We seize on any good idea we come across, whether it involves a profit-driven deal for a customer, the launch of a new business, a development on our own initiative, or a speculative investment of time in pursuit of the next big thing. What can we do to improve integration, diversity, and internationalisation in the field of architecture? We begin with ourselves, because we are not content to sit and wait. Our work is built on interpersonal relationships and architectural ambition, and on a deep understanding of our client’s business. Over half of our employees are in communication with the client as they work on their projects. Personal relationships are our strength, and those relationships bring us new employees, clients, and attractive projects. Consideration for our clients, our employees, and the society around us informs everything we do. It fills all of us with pride and gives everything we do a higher significance.

We employ people. Each one of those people works according to a specially designed, carefully structured career development model that weaves work, daily life, and dreams into a personalized tapestry of life. Krook & Tjäder Architects is an employee-owned company, and everyone is welcome to become a part owner.

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