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Västra Torggatan 18
652 24 Karlstad
Sweden (0) 705-50 64 50

About us

Krook & Tjäder Karlstad started as a satellite office with strong ties to both Oslo and Stockholm. In October 2022, the architectural office was registered as its own company and the journey began.

At Krook & Tjäder, we desire to work in close collaboration with our private and public clients to jointly further develop great ideas and our clients´ business together, from small to large scale. But also in a wider perspective with housing developments, destination, business and visitors in the surrounding region, where we have a clear focus on innovation, sustainability and inclusion in design processes where society and people go hand in hand. All in all, this creates space for good architecture.

In Karlstad we combine the intimacy and client interaction of a small office with the expertise and strength of a large design studio, maintaining a strong connection to our organisation’s other offices. With access to knowledge, methods and expertise, we ensure that important aspects are integrated throughout the process and into the design.

Do you have an idea or a project you want to discuss, or are you just curious about who we are and what we can do for you?

A warm welcome to Krook & Tjäder Karlstad!

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