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We are Krook & Tjäder

We build the city - with our strong relationships and high ambitions, we offer the dedication and responsiveness of a small office. Krook & Tjäder is one of Sweden's largest firms of architects, with strong teams at offices in Sweden and Norway. This gives us a geographical spread, a creative diversity and a dependable pool of expertise which ensure high quality in both large and small projects. Krook & Tjäder is a full service company working the fields of community planning, landscape design, architecture, interior design and product design and as a process partner.


Our know-how extends along the entire chain in the construction process, from urban planning, architecture, landscape design and interior design to product design. This creates a holistic approach, originality and confidence in implementation. Above all, our way of working makes short lead times possible. Our expertise includes creative design with clear links to sustainability and durable construction, and an insight into, and understanding of, the economics of buildings. We start with the local plan and complete the commission by drawing in the building in the finest detail.

At Krook & Tjäder, our work is based on our areas of expertise. The world around us is changing all the time, and by focusing clearly on our particular areas of expertise we participate in research and conduct an ongoing discussion of architecture and design. The area of expertise extends across the company and gives access to a creative diversity and a dependable pool of expertise for both customers and employees.


Architects Krook & Tjäder are an active player on the market. If someone has an idea we pick it up, regardless of whether it involves a profit-driven deal for the customer, opening a new office, our own suggestion for a project or acting in our own time. What can we do for greater integration, diversity and internationalisation in the architecture industry? We begin with ourselves, instead of sitting and waiting. Our operations are built on strong personal relationships and high architectural ambitions, with a deep understanding of the customer's business. Over half of our employees have customer contact with their own projects. Personal relationships are our strength, and give us access to new employees, customers and attractive projects. Consideration for the customer, the employee and society informs everything we do. It creates pride and gives the commission a higher significance.

We employ people. We therefore work on the basis of a specially designed, structured development model for each individual, in which we allow life's tapestry of work, daily life and dreams to weave itself. Architects Krook & Tjäder is an employee-owned company, and everyone is welcome to become a part-owner.


Architects Krook & Tjäder was founded in 1988 in Gothenburg, and is today one of Sweden's largest firms of architects, with around 250 employees and offices in Gothenburg, Malmö, Stockholm, Halmstad, Borås, Uppsala, Östersund, Kristianstad and Oslo. Together, we have built up a strong position in the fields of architecture, urban planning, landscape design, interior design and product design. Krook & Tjäder is characterised by consideration, openness and great dedication, with everyone working under their own great responsibility. Inquisitiveness and the entrepreneurial spirit, with a feeling of "everything is possible", permeate our operations, making for a dynamic environment full of passion. Architects Krook & Tjäder also have a joint ownership programme addressed to all employees in the company. This gives you exciting opportunities, even as a new employee!


We design the city and work for a sustainable society! With us, you have the opportunity to work in all branches of architecture, with access to a spectrum of expertise in architecture, interior design, community planning, landscape design, building economics, etc. Here, you will be a natural and important part of the team you belong to. We value good relationships and consideration for one another and for our customers. With an open and generous culture, every individual can flourish, on the basis of freedom and responsibility. With us, you are given great opportunities to develop and be developed. We work on the basis of a development model where each individual employee takes charge of their own development. Together with your immediate superior, you create your own development plan. We have high ambitions, and we work for a dedicated and responsible approach in everything we do.


It is becoming increasingly important to erect buildings that have as little impact as possible on our environment. No one wants to pay extra for this. We have to invest in attractive, flexible, robust buildings with an extremely long service life and a minimum of renovation costs. Investment in quality construction saves money in the long run. We see a surprisingly large advantage in fine architecture with durable construction. It's really sustainable!


Increasingly demanding requirements are being set for specialist expertise, certifications and legal obligations. At Krook & Tjäder, our answer is to update ourselves constantly. Thanks to the size of our company and the close cooperation between our offices, we can supply expertise and specialist knowledge where we see the need for it and/or where it is demanded.


We pursue and involve ourselves in training and research in cooperation with the industry, universities and colleges. It is of great value to the industry and to society that we contribute to creating a clear link between the world of academics and the world of business. Our ambition is to remain constantly at the leading edge in the field of durable construction. It is a matter of sound architectural know-how, but also of constantly being inquisitive, keeping an eye on developments in the world around us and taking an active part in research and development in contemporary architecture. We feed this into our processes and methods. Always with a focus on the best solution for the customer.




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