LOG Sustainability tool


LOG is a graphic workshop and analysis tool developed by Krook & Tjäder. It is used in workshops to identify which sustainability aspects are relevant in the project. But also to clarify and ensure direction around the target for sustainability work.

LOG can be used in all types of projects, regardless of scale and stage. During a workshop, we learn from each other's challenges and solutions and deepen our understanding of sustainability. The game pieces highlight the parameters that are important and are an easy way to graphically get an overview of selected areas and sustainability perspectives.

The tool also includes a digital database that visualises what is essential for the project and compiles and documents the project's sustainability targets. The database weaves together various sustainability aspects from commonly occurring environmental certifications together with Agenda 2030, relevant research in sustainability and Krook & Tjäder's own experiences.

Arkitekterna Krook & Tjäder