Our methods

Together we reach further. We see the method as a compass that creates constructive drive, ensures quality and moves the process stably forward. Regardless of the size or complexity of the project, it should be simple.

Through interdisciplinary work and taking in different perspectives, we can reach a holistic view and set the project's common goals. Together we can accomplish something even better than we can individually.

We call our overall start-up method "Creative Direction". It provides a common picture and roadmap for the project's journey. A journey we make together.

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Creative Direction

Creative Direction

A Creative Direction is our process and our product. Together we define the goal, "This is where we're going!", And the method of how we are going to get there. We try to look up together and establish the most expansive perspective on what we want to achieve in the form of user and customer experience.

The Creative Direction method leads to a coherent strategic document, the basic idea, for what the project should be. A common document that everyone can go back to during the project, gather understanding and refer to.

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For sustainable small towns

Building sustainably should be easy! The handbook addresses solid tips and detailed examples of smart and cost-effective measures that can be implemented at the neighbourhood level.

The Effect Map

The Impact Map

With a focus on the user

By mapping the needs of users, we can create environments where people truly want to live, live and work.



Reuse Recycle Reclaim


Sustainability tool

We want to implement sustainable and certified projects in accordance with the Global Goals. How do we do it easily?

LOG Sustainability tools intertwine a common goal for the project's sustainability aspects with playfulness and participation on a scientific basis.


LOG Sustainability tool
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