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In our interior design assignments, our goal is to be transparent and work with cost control already in the design phase.

At Krook & Tjäder, we work closely with our architects and interior designers. This entails a holistic view, where the formal decisions we have made in the concept and design phase are complied with in delivery and assembly on site.

We also work with project coordination and purchase of all loose and fixed furnishings in the projects that Krook & Tjäder draws. This means that we can take care of the entire business from the interior designer's creation of an environment until everything is in place. We take overall responsibility for the project's management. We continue our commitment even afterwards to ensure that everything works as intended, all the time with an open dialogue about the right level of cost and formal decisions.

We guarantee a cost-effective process while maintaining aesthetics and quality as well as complete control over cost.

Sustainability and recycling permeate everything we do. Therefore, we have developed a method in the form of an App that can help our customers and clients to take an inventory of their business' loose furnishings. We call it RRR - Reuse, Recycle, Reclaim.

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