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Digital services

We offer a range of digital services in our projects.

BIM - Building Information Modelling

Through BIM, we bring together technology, process and organisation, which today is a prerequisite in our work but also as a quality assurance of our documents. We offer different levels of modelling and coordination for different stages of the project. But with the idea that the model should be a database in the management phase and lay a foundation for the next step, for example in rebuilding, recycling of materials, etc. and that it should be possible to draw quantities for LCA and LCC.

Simulations and calculations

To calculate and simulate the most important parameters of the projects and provide the best conditions for a successful result, we use different types of calculations and simulations. We can simulate and calculate e.g. wind, sunlight, daylight, flows, BTA, ecosystem services, recycling potential, climate impact, etc. to ensure that we choose the right path in our architecture.

Image, visualisation and film

The image as a tool is a powerful means for storytelling. Architects and visualizes work closely together. We use the image in our process to communicate what values, spaces and experiences we can create. We offer drone photography and / or a tour of our models using VR technology.

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