Architecture Arkitekterna Krook & Tjäder AB


Krook & Tjäder designs with the ambition of beautiful, flexible, inclusive and robust living environments with good architecture at its focus. By good architecture, we mean sustainable architecture with a high level of expertise. We want to feel proud that our architecture acts on the challenges of society and contributes to a good life. Now and in the future.

We can help through any stage of the process. We know urban planning, architecture, landscape and interior design to product design. We start with the detailed plan and complete the task of drawing the building down to the smallest detail. It creates a holistic view, quality and security in implementation. Above all, our collaboration between our professions enables short lead times. Our expertise results in a creative design with a clear connection to a larger societal perspective, long-term perspective and insight and understanding of what value-creating is.

We design new environments and structures, but also focus on developing what already exists. We have extensive experience in process control, where the light is put on people and the understanding of the complexity of the task.

Arkitekterna Krook & Tjäder