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At Krook & Tjäder, we create sustainable architecture with the vision of a lifespan of at least 200 years. We contribute with our expertise throughout the different phases of a building's life, regardless of whether it is cultural preservation, urban planning, tenant adaptation, renovation, refurbishment and reuse of loose furnishings.

We work closely together between our disciplines in urban planning, landscape, interior design and residential architecture, providing us with access to expertise at different scales and stages. This enables us to seamlessly create habitats and sustainable structures for many years to come, where the building remains but its functionality changes over time.

We focus on context and quality with sustainability as the common thread throughout our projects, from sketch design through to construction documentation. We have in-depth knowledge of everything from material selection, building techniques through to history, including digital solutions for recycling of both equipment and building materials. We believe it should be easy to be climate smart.

Together we identify, communicate and evaluate the qualities in each individual case. Our work methodology is demand driven but with a clear direction in the process.

"The sustainable building of the future is the one that already exists!"

CILLA JANSSON, Architect and Transformation Practice Leader 

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