The Company

Krook & Tjäder Architects was founded in 1988 in Gothenburg, and is today one of Sweden’s largest architecture firms, with around 250 employees and offices in Gothenburg, Malmö, Stockholm, Halmstad, Borås, Uppsala, Östersund, Kristianstad, and Oslo. Together we have built up a strong position in the fields of architecture, urban planning, landscape design, interiors, and product design. Krook & Tjäder is characterised by thoughtfulness, openness, and great dedication, with all of us sharing responsibility for the work. Our office is permeated with inquisitiveness and an entrepreneurial spirit, with the feeling that everything is possible, making for a dynamic and passionate environment. Krook & Tjäder Architects offers a joint ownership programme for all employees in the company – an exciting opportunity available even to new employees!


We have partners in 20 countries - Scandinavia, Europe and the world.


It is becoming increasingly important to minimize the impact our buildings have on the environment. We have to invest in attractive, flexible, robust buildings with an extremely long service life and minimal maintenance and renovation costs. Investment in quality construction saves money in the long run. We see a surprisingly large advantage in fine architecture with durable construction. It’s really sustainable!


Our ambition is to develop urban areas and sites for people—places where we can make a big difference but where the economic resources are limited.


We engage in continuing education and research in collaboration with industry and academia alike. It is of great value to both industry and society that we help strengthen the link between the world of academics and the world of business. Our ambition is to remain at the leading edge of the field of durable construction. That is a matter of sound architectural know-how, but also of unflagging curiosity – of keeping an eye on developments in the world around us and playing an active role in the research and development of contemporary architecture. We feed this into our processes and methods, always with a focus on providing the best solution for the client. 


Our corporate leadership group includes President Johan von Wachenfeldt and Vice President Mats Bergstrand. In addressing strategic issues, the leadership relies on flexible support from practice area leaders and as needed on contributions from our owners, corporate-wide support services such as HR, Communications, Accounting, Quality Control, and Environment, office leaders, or other staff depending on the issue at hand and the needed expertise and input. 


Krook & Tjäder is governed by the board of directors for the corporation’s parent company, Krook & Tjäder Holding. It includes the main owners and external board members, who bring to the table a variety of important backgrounds and areas of expertise. Each branch office also has its own local board of directors that addresses the specific issues for their company.

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