Krook & Tjäder contribute to beautiful, flexible, inclusive and robust living environments with good architecture at its core. We meet the challenges together with our partners and help with our knowledge of sustainability to find solutions, as well as new business opportunities.

Our motive is to work with all aspects of sustainability, so we have chosen to work systematically in pursuit of the global goals - Agenda 2030. We find the right focus and certification for each assignment with the help of our own workshop tool "LOG", our experts and certified employees.

Krook & Tjäder are certified within SS-ISO 9001: 2015 and 14001: 2015

If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact Malin Sjölund Olsson, Sustainability Strategist.

+46 (0) 736-44 34 91


We cover many issues together with colleagues in the industry. Listed below are the current networks we are part of and actively support. We contribute money and/or time and knowledge.

SUSTAINABLE SMÅSTAD - a handbook for planning city blocks.

The handbook "Sustainable small town" contains excellent tips for promoting sustainable urban development. It is aimed at municipalities and developers and focuses on simple and effective measures that can be implemented in ordinary city blocks. By working together on a small scale, we can make a difference in the larger perspective.

Clients: Region Skåne, Bjuvs kommun och den statliga utredningen Samordning för bostadsbyggande

Consulting group: Trivector, Kjell-Åke Holmgren and Krook & Tjäder.

Read more about tips and advice >>

Fossil-Free Sweden

As one of Sweden's five largest architectural offices, we have taken on our responsibility and have become members of Fossil-Free Sweden. This complements our daily practice and gives us an even greater focus on sustainable urban design.

Krook & Tjäder's ambition is to support all our customers in their work to become fossil-free by 2045 in accordance with the Roadmap for fossil-free competitiveness in the Construction and civil engineering sector. We implement and share the issues locally in our offices around the country, collectively with colleagues in the industry and together with our customers and partners. Read more about Fossil-Free Sweden

Uppsala Climate Protocol

Member of Uppsala Climate Protocol

Uppsala Climate Protocol is a network of companies, public enterprises, universities and associations that collaborate and inspire each other and beyond to achieve Uppsala's climate goals and contribute to a sustainable world. Together we reach lower! (A.2 Good environmental choice el). Read more about Uppsala Climate Protocol

Uppsala SWEDISH CLIMATE CITY OF THE YEAR 2020. Appointed by the Worldwide Fund for Nature (WWF)

As members of the Uppsala Climate Protocol, we have jointly contributed to Uppsala being the Swedish Climate City of the Year 2020.


Krook & Tjäder has adopted LFM30.

Together we can develop a climate-neutral construction & civil engineering sector in Malmö. LFM30 is a local initiative to create a geographical game plan to accelerate the construction and civil engineering sector's transition to climate neutrality and implementation of Agenda 2030. Read more about LFM30

Swedish green building council

The Swedish green building council administers the largest sustainability certifications for the construction industry in Sweden. They broadcast issues, hold conferences and network meetings, as well as local networks such as SGBC West and SGBC South. Read more about the Swedish green building council

CSR Western Sweden

Network all industries Västra Götaland. Read more about CSR Western Sweden


Network all industries Halland. Read more about EMC


Moisture and indoor air quality. Read more about SWESIAQ

Architects declare

Roadmap for the construction and civil engineering sector


Read more about the business in our SUSTAINABILITY POLICY


We have a great commitment to society and work actively with social sustainability, integration and diversity. We are a driving force in KAN Connect, an industry network for new Swedish architects and civil engineers and employers in the industry. Read more about some current projects below.

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